Networking spreadsheet

Hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, this could be a bumpy ride. The good folks at WordPress do not allow Excel sheets to be downloaded on their platform, but thanks be to Google, there is a way around this.

Adam’s spreadsheet is on Google docs, here.

It’s blank, except for some leftover cell shading I left in for demonstration purposes. I’ll let him tell the group what the colors are for and why.

This document is on my Google docs account, but I have set it up to be shared by anyone. There are two ways to download this document for your own use.

1. Go to the “File” menu on the document, and either click “Make A Copy” which I believe will dupe a copy of the blank doc to your own Google Docs folder, or….

2. From the same “File” menu, click on “Download As…” and select Excel, and it will download a copy to your hard drive. I tested this while writing the post.


2 responses to “Networking spreadsheet

  1. Nice job here Jerry! Thanks for taking the initiative and the time to set this up for the team.


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