Another day…

Another wonderful opportunity in the insurance industry. This one is from United American Insurance, a Texas based company. Apparently they’ve been trying, in vain, to contact me for an interview. Let’s give it up to the Career Builders of the world!  United American does:

“Our ability to search the major online job boards has given us the opportunity to increase our productivity because we can select applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds that can potentially match our requirements for the positions we have available.”

Plain English translation: We troll for new resumes and send everyone who’s close to a match (ie, everyone) a solicitation to come work for us. This way they stay true to their goal of “selecting applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds.”

But what is United American anyway? What do they do? What kinds of policies do they sell? Who are their customers, and who are their reps? Talk to me Professor Google…

I’m going to avoid the autofill, which faithful readers will note always wants to put “scam” in the search. (Bad Google, bad.) The first two listings are from United American, a “premier provider of Medicare supplement coverage.” It’s a big money business. AARP, Mutual of Omaha and State Farm all offer these policies. So far, so normal.

Until listing #3. There’s fresh information too, from March 8th. If the political discussions about health care make you sick, or you don’t want to read dispatches from angry, frustrated consumers, then skip that link. Probably should have put the link last then.  Oops.

United American is owned by Torchmark Corporation, which is a holding company for several insurance brands, such as, American Income, First United American, Globe, Liberty National, United American, and United Investors. Say what? You mean the most egregious (from my experience) Career Builder trolls are all from the parent company? What happens when you check the listings for “Torchmark scam?” This. There’s a mix of responses, though the people complaining far outnumber company supporters. One telling post:

“Recently my brother was hired by AIL and started going through the training. They told him that the customers were already lined up and that all he had to do is go and get them to finalize the paperwork. Once he got the signatures, he would get the commission from it.

What they didn’t tell him was that he was responsible for paying for the training and testing to get certified in all these different fields. The tests were around $600 a pop. If you failed, you had to pay another $600 to re-test. He had to pay everything out of pocket.

As he got into the field training with a coach, he found out that these customers had NOT agreed to anything and while they were interesting in getting more information, they were not ready to sign. Not only that but it was his job to get them to sign up for more benefits. The job was completely misrepresented.

After a month, he was never home and wasn’t being paid for his training and if he and his coach finalized a contract, he would only get a small part of the profits. He went to his boss and said that he needed a consistent paycheck as was promised and he needed a better schedule so that he can spend time with his family, the boss said, “You need to focus on your job and not on your family. The job comes first.”

Pay for training? That should always be a conversation killer. See ya, bye, end of story. Prospective employers should not be reaching into the pockets of future employees.

There are a lot of Americans out of work right now. Even low paying jobs get hundreds of applicants. People want to work, regardless of what Tom DeLay says or thinks. If these jobs are that lucrative, and provide the benefits that they are purported to, isn’t it fair to ask why Torchmark’s recruiting efforts are so aggressive, and indiscriminately pitched via the mega job boards? Why is there so much turnover? Do you believe that it’s because of “explosive growth?” So much they NEED more reps to service demand?

Or do you believe what your gut is telling you?


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