Sir Linksalot

I’ve been avoiding Smart Brief’s lately, because I couldn’t take another daily dozen stories summed up in a list of 10 items or less. I think my brain is ready for bullet points again, so here’s a list compendium of stories on social media, leadership and business trends. There might even be a job search item or two, but let’s look at the glass half full and read in about work issues.

11 “Commandments” of Corporate Tweeting. Because you all will either be tweeting, or engaged in some form of work related social media. Even Adam.

Online anonymity leads to impolite social media behavior. Easier to call people nasty names under an alias.

Can (or should) you turn down a job you don’t want? Is there really a pat answer for this one?

Skip the awkward adolescent stage of Twitter usage.
Go straight to young adulthood. All the freedom, and no bills.

Community building is better than social marketing. Because you know your customer better perhaps?

You block web ads, publishers block your web ad blockers. Don’t believe the hype. Content may want to be “free,” but producing it is not. Similar to a teenager wanting to act, dress, drink, and party like an adult, without the responsibility. Not gonna happen.

Marketing via video chat. It’ll increase tenfold by 2013, let’s hope the skeezy Chatroulette isn’t part of that mix.

Get your emails opened and read. Like the ones that have your resume and marketing plan in them.

7 ways to build customer loyalty. Fast Company is great.

You’ll make social media errors. Don’t sweat it. This is a field where there isn’t a huge knowledge gap between the users and experts.

Have diverse customer service portfolio. Just like your 401k, right?

CEO’s don’t “get” innovation. Do not be “that guy.”

Why use social media for sales and marketing? Because it works.

CEO’s are optimistic about the future. Especially at current staffing levels. Blech.

How to capture a crowd. Or an interviewer perhaps?

Creative tension encourages innovation. Easier said than done though.

Making managing peers less awkward.

Helping turn around Ford… Powerpoint!

And last but not least, life without Twitter?!?!? Sorry social media Luddites, Adam it may not be Twitter, but social media is here to stay.


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