…and this is why…

Because the unemployed are explicitly DISCOURAGED from applying. WTF? is an appropriate response. As is WTF!!!!!

Let’s use a bigger ladle for that bad news, because this is going on all over the nation. Think of the companies, smug recruiters, overworked, confused HR departments and anyone else that leaves the conference room thinking, “this is a great idea. It’ll save us lots of time and money wading through all the resumes we’ll get for this job.” We all know this is a fallacy, because most companies never see, acknowledge, admit to receiving, or care about a vast majority of resumes, applications and cover letters they get from desperate, often without-hope job seekers. It’s like the whole nation has turned into unionized autoworkers in Detroit, easy to blame scapegoats for a system that discards blue, white and pink collar workers, the “unskilled” and MBA’s with equal vigor. It’s downright democratic! There’s a special place in hell for boneheads who not only punish people who are out of work but blame them for their circumstances. (It’s starting to sound like a GOP talking point.) It’s a non-automated, always on the clock, windowless cube that has a phone with 100 lines ablaze all wanting to know if you received their application and cover letter.

The public awareness of this policy is a double edged sword. Sure, it’s great that the Huff Post did this story, to the brief embarrassment, perhaps, of the companies and firms involved. Will the policy change? Aw hell no. It’ll just be pushed underground, because the unemployed are a not a “protected class” that has to be accounted for in the hiring process. No EEOC help for you chump! Take solace in the fact they’ll still have to wade through your paperwork. Does that salve the burn?

Democratic warhorse John Dingell, who has served in Congress since the 1st Grant Administration is still good for a money quote. “Being unemployed is not a choice many workers choose to make. I would hope that companies that are discriminating against the unemployed will take into consideration that this choice is only further contributing to long-term unemployment in our country.”

You can hope John, but make sure there’s a large stockpile of government cheese at the ready, because we can’t do a census every year.


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